Our Pricing

Our prices obviously very for different things but we can give you a few examples of some prices:

As 1 example this is how we price our flame jobs:

$500 per piece [unit] for the flames. So flames on a tank [it doesn't matter if it is a 1 or 2 piece tank] and 2 fenders would be $1500.00

If we have to basecoat your parts first, for instance if you have pinstripes or a decal that has to be removed,  [Harley tends to put those under the clearcoat],  than that cost is $200 per unit bringing the total to $2100 for the 3 pieces [units].

The Road King bike that is  in our gallery under Cycle Art, we consider to be 5 units. So those flames were $2500. We do not count the side covers. We just throw those in on the deal.

Airbrushed & Painted Murals vary drastically depending on what we are doing obviously, but our murals for a set of tanks and tying in the fenders are starting in the $1500 range and go up from there. You can can get very carried away as you can see some of our customers have in the past.

As an average most of our customers are spending around $2500.00 to $3000.00 for our quality and airbrush artwork.



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