About Illusions Custom Paint and Airbrush

  Illusions Custom Airbrush offers a wide range of possibilities from wicked flames to your custom graphic ideas. We custom airbrush and paint on everything from Harley-Davidsons or "any" motorcycle parts, helmets, show cars, trucks, snow boards, jet skis, electric guitars, motor homes and full scale wall murals. The list is really endless of the things that we can do custom airbrushing on. Located in Washington and well known for graphic designs our business never stops. Our quality and working with our clients is unique. You will walk away not only with excellence in airbrush techniques but your finished work will be one-of-a-kind and the professionalism in our airbrush and paint applications will withstand the tortures of the elements for years to come.

We also recognize that realistic artwork such as flames, fire and smoke has to be done with some flare and style. Our airbrush techniques coupled with any designs will leave you in awe. We didn't just stop there, we do murals and custom painting to larg scale trucks and trailers. Professionally coated and applied using the very best airbrush and paint supplies the industry is supplying. This is a great way to make your business stand out and be unique. 

Our main stream clients are custom motorcycle enthusiasts that want a unique paint job to make their scooter stand out in a crowd. It doesn't matter what kind of scooter you have, how big or how small, every job is treated as if it was the only two wheeled machine left on the planet. In fact Josie sees each one as a child that she asks for visitation rights to when she enters them into magazines.

If you really need to see for yourself, check out our gallery where we have posted our flames, fire and custom airbrushed artwork for your approval.